The Stretch House

Responding to the narrow confines of the terrace plot, we stretched out the spaces horizontally and vertically, to create overlapping uses and well-lit spaces.

Breeze Block House

We designed this bungalow as a double-skinned house: a breathable outer façade of breeze blocks shields the interior from sun and neighbours, with planters and circulation in between to create a comfortable micro-climate of diffused daylight and gentle breeze.

Hotel Soloha

For this 45-room hotel in Singapore’s historic district of Keong Saik, we brought the vibrancy of the equatorial jungle into the hotel through the use of playful interventions.


How do we strengthen the brand identity through lights, shadows and texture?


We wanted our interventions to be respectful of the existing building. The architectural interventions are designed to unify the two dwellings, while the interior design brings out the individuality of the two families.

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