In this walk-up apartment, four demarcated the centre of the unit. We inserted a main social space within these four columns, and articulated the rest of the home around it. The corners of the social space are rounded to embrace the space.

Envelope House

The landscaped double skin strategy and its effective biophilic and microclimatic effects show that there are still new ways to create tropical architecture in a dense urban environment like Singapore.

Free Fun Feline

In this light-washed wall-less apartment, we used contours in a terraneous landscape to sculpt and define spaces – a raised lounge, a sunken bedroom, an elevated study - making movement free-flowing, fun, and feline-friendly.

The Dark Gallery

For the Great World City outlet of The Dark Gallery, a chocolate patisserie, we designed a dual space: a fast-paced counter corner and a slower-paced salon-café, bound by a ribbon-like black-and-gold skirting.

The Stretch House

Responding to the narrow confines of the terrace plot, we stretched out the spaces horizontally and vertically, to create overlapping uses and well-lit spaces.

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