Hotel Soloha – Takeshi Noodle Bar

The project redefines the idea of conservation architecture by juxtaposing highly colourful and graphical elements with traditional materials.

Hotel Soloha

For this 45-room hotel in Singapore’s historic district of Keong Saik, we brought the vibrancy of the equatorial jungle into the hotel through the use of playful interventions.

Mighty Jaxx Office

Like the XXRAY toys, a neatly split half of the workspace is designed to reveal the glorious insides: structure, mechanical and electrical services, roof trusses, and pipes. Even the raised floor system is revealed through the unusual use of clear acrylic as a floor material.

The Gallery Home

A sunlit apartment for an expat couple to showcase their diverse collection of Asian art, with re-purposing of existing traditional furniture.

Founders’ Memorial

“Si monumentum requiris circumspice” (If you seek a monument, look around you) – Epitaph of Sir Christopher Wren

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