Free Fun Feline

In this light-washed wall-less apartment, we used contours in a terraneous landscape to sculpt and define spaces – a raised lounge, a sunken bedroom, an elevated study - making movement free-flowing, fun, and feline-friendly.

The Dark Gallery

For the Great World City outlet of The Dark Gallery, a chocolate patisserie, we designed a dual space: a fast-paced counter corner and a slower-paced salon-café, bound by a ribbon-like black-and-gold skirting.

The Stretch House

Responding to the narrow confines of the terrace plot, we stretched out the spaces horizontally and vertically, to create overlapping uses and well-lit spaces.

Breeze Block House

We designed this bungalow as a double-skinned house: a breathable outer façade of breeze blocks shields the interior from sun and neighbours, with planters and circulation in between to create a comfortable micro-climate of diffused daylight and gentle breeze.

Hotel Soloha

For this 45-room hotel in Singapore’s historic district of Keong Saik, we brought the vibrancy of the equatorial jungle into the hotel through the use of playful interventions.

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