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Ker How believes that all good design stems from a solid plan, a passion for crafts and an interest in unique experiences. These desires form the basis for the founding of the award-winning design practice ASOLIDPLAN. Built on the belief that all good design begins with a well-conceived plan, the company is interested in design that provokes, questions, pushes limits; and loves creating spaces that are evocative, that can connect with the environment and beyond.

Upon graduation with a Master of Architecture from National University of Singapore, Ker How had indulged himself in the training of all forms of design typology. Having honed skills from Zarch Collaboratives, Formwerkz Architects and DP Architects, he had acquired a rich portfolio that ranges from master-planning, hospitality, residential, commercial, conservation and notably the 2008 Singapore National Day Stage Set design.

Other than built works in Singapore, Ker How also has built overseas projects such as a golf course resort development in Southern China and a mixed commercial development, collaborated with Cecil Balmond, in Sri Lanka. Besides the usual commissioned projects, he had led various design teams to multiple design awards locally and internationally.

He is currently a registered architect with the Board of Architects in Singapore and a registered ASEAN ARCHITECT of the region. He now sits on the Singapore Institute of Architects Council, Co-Chairing the Young Architects’ League and Design Advocacy Committee. Ker How is also an adjunct lecturer with the Singapore Polytechnic. 

Jing Feng

Jing Feng believes that a solid plan is a derivation of many trials and errors; good design is a process, not a product. His desire for honesty in design form the basis for his design approach as a partner in asolidplan.

Upon graduation from Singapore Polytechnic in 2002, Jing Feng had gathered more than 10 years of design experiences. His involvement in projects under Zarch Collaboratives such as Archi World Expo 2005, Youth Olympic Games (opening and closing ceremony) 2010, Geylang Lorong 24A shophouse collections (URA heritage Award), gave him the necessary exposure and skills in handling complicated architectural design projects.

Other than professional practices, his interest in crafts-work, air-plants,  scaled models and  anything hands on brings out his sensitive edge to understanding users’ needs and construction difficulties.

The partnership with Kerhow came about naturally after knowing each other since 2007. The shared beliefs in design process and architecture nuances create the spark in every project they work on together. Even their collaborations during the early years fetched them design awards from a couple of design competitions participated.

zhong yi

Zhong Yi believes that good spatial design is vital for human relationships.

He was trained in Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris from 2000 to 2005, under a Singapore Public Service Commission scholarship. Professors and professionals who have mentored him include Odile Decq, Sir Peter Cook, Marc Barani, and François Roche of R&Sie.

After graduation, Zhong Yi worked for five years in the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore as an urban designer, planning and implementing the development of Jurong Lake District, notably the Government Land Sales sites in Jurong Gateway and the J-walk elevated pedestrian network. He was also involved in the development of 3D modelling and 3DGIS capabilities in URA.

After URA, he gained 4 valuable years of experience in architecture at the award-winning Singaporean firm Formwerkz Architects. Under the mentorship of Gwen Tan and Alan Tay, he completed 2 bungalows, the restaurant OCF, the interior design of Aperia mall, the design development of of a hotel and condominium in Penang. Zhong Yi is a registered architect with the Board of Architects in Singapore.

tricia lee

Tricia’s perspectives in design are heavily influenced by keen observations of human interactions and the natural landscape around her.

Tricia Lee graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Interior Design (SILVER Medalist). With commitment and passion beyond her age, she was selected to be enrolled into Director’s Honour List at School of Design (Singapore Polytechnic) for the duration of her Diploma course. Upon graduation, she has been working with ASOLIDPLAN and has worked on a wide spectrum of projects genre since; playing a key role in helping the studio to win a few interior design awards. She also graduated with a Specialist Diploma in Spatial Design in 2018 as a part time course to further hone her skills.

In her spare time, she loves to experiment with different vegetarian dishes.

dominic chia

Dominic believes that every opportunity to design is also an opportunity for positive change.

He had graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Architecture (GOLD Medalist). He is highly regarded among his peers and mentors for his maturity and sensibility well beyond his age, particularly towards design and the arts. This allowed him to be enrolled in the Director’s Honour Roll as well as clinching multiple awards during the duration of his Diploma course.

Dominic’s inquisitive nature and search for knowledge has pushed him towards greater understanding of planning, construction and design, joining ASOLIDPLAN in the process. He is highly critical in every project that he undertakes and leaves no stone unturned.

While he is pursuing his future to be an Architect, he believes he is still an artist at heart: painting, reading and writing in his free time.

gillian tan

Gillian believes that good spatial design creates unique experiences, bringing out the quiddity of spaces.

Having graduated with Diploma in Interior Design (Singapore Polytechnic) and Bachelor of Architecture (Glasgow School of Art), her interest in the relationship between Architecture and Interior Design is what drives her passion. Upon graduation, Gillian joined ASOLIDPLAN to further hone her skills as a sensitive designer. She loves to experiment with new ideas and is sensitive for details in every project she undertakes.

She also enjoys collecting cactus in her spare time, giving each and everyone of them an unique name to call and talk to.

amanda kwek

Amanda believes that Design is an expression of one’s core values.

Upon graduating with a Diploma in Architecture (Singapore Polytechnic) and Bachelor of Economics – Architecture (The University of Melbourne); as an ex-intern, Amanda re-joined ASOLIDPLAN to further enhance her skills in design and experience in construction.

Amanda believes the importance of having a balanced work and play lifestyle; being involved in sports and painting. The training of being a team player and having your own external muse is important in becoming an architect.

khystelle yeo

Khystelle believes that design is the creator of the stage in which everyday life plays out. Every project should be carefully curated to the specific story of its actors.

Graduating with a Masters in Architecture from Singapore University of Technology and Design, Khystelle joined ASOLIDPLAN to refine her skills as an architect, and to satisfy her curiosity through research.

Outside of work, she loves trying out various hobbies, reading up on various topics, and dreams of publishing her own book one day.


Marsha believes that good spaces are founded on the centrality of the human scale in its function, purposes and craft.
Having graduated from Oxford Brookes University, school of Architecture (B.A. Hons), her interest lies in examining the relationship between architecture, technology and the body through searching in this technologically mediated age what it means to be human. Marsha joined ASOLIDPLAN to further refine and redefine her skills as a designer. 
Architecture aside, on weekends she enjoys working with motion graphics that conceptualizes on imaginary architecture and landscapes.


Jonathan believes that good design can improve the lives of people and the less fortunate.

Having graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Architecture (Merit), he continued his education and knowledge in the field by pursuing an Architectural Degree in the National University of Singapore. He is currently interning at ASOLIDPLAN as part of his semester program leading up to Masters year in 2021.

Jonathan has a passion for making things with his hands, such as leather craft, making train models and diorama cities. He hopes to one day use the skills and knowledge to help those in need.


Lei believes that good design should not be limited by its scale.

Lei is an architectural designer who graduated from Singapore Polytechnic in 2014 (Gold Medalist) and National University Of Singapore in 2017 (Honours Distinction). Her design ideas are inspired from the project’s immediate surrounding and through meaningful interaction with the user. She believes that design should not be limited by its scale; together with great research on the object/space, all given opportunities can be moulded into a well-curated concept. 

Apart from work, during weekends, she will catch up with her friends in different neighbourhood cafes. From time to time, she will also find time to visit her fine art tutor, Tan Sock Fong, who is a sand and glass artist in Singapore at Emily Hill, to get inspiration from Art.

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