“How do we create spaces for 3 related families in their own clusters and yet within the same Good Class Bungalow compound?”

The brief calls for spaces to be designed for a patriarchal family comprising grandparents, a pair of twin sons and their respective families of up to 3 children each – totalling 12 persons. The design approach is to view programmatic density in a manner of light and air porosity. Taking inspiration from a sponge, the setback boundaries of a house is fully maximised on the perimeter. Courtyard spaces of different scale and sizes, responding to the different programmatic needs, are then carved out at different levels, 12 courtyards to be exact.

A huge sloping roof towards the front entrance is a response to the tiered topography of the land and to reduce the massive form of the house. With this singular roof, hints of skylight into the interior spaces can be seen from the main entrance with occasional emergence of tree crowns.

January 2016
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