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“How do we design for maximum flexibility within a 4 room HDB resale flat?”

As the unit lies along the common corridor, we divided the whole flat into 2 clear zones: the private and the public. Making use of the public spaces within the apartment, such as living room, dining room, the more private spaces of a bedroom and study room is buffered from the potential privacy and noise issue from the common corridor. The existing bedroom along the common corridor is appropriated into the living room space and doubles up as a potential guestroom so that the big space can be enjoyed when the client is not expecting any guests.

The public realm lies along the common corridor with a long peg board feature wall that integrates the doors to the bedroom, the display shelves, light fittings into one long linear wall. Using electrical tracks for the lights and slotted tracks for the shelves, the long wall allows maximum flexibility in lighting and display positioning. The same track lights turns up to the ceiling defining the space of the common areas with clean simple lines.

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