The apartment is on the second floor of a new condominium with a lush landscape design. The unique height allows a full view of the trees crown and the wide living space allows ample daylight to enter the unit.

The client is a graphic designer. Taking inspiration from her profession, the design approach was to create a simple and quiet space using linear physical lines in different materials and forms. The long corridor that stretches all the way from the entrance to the balcony creates an opportunity to use a homogenous and textured material that captures the different degree of daylight that washes the wall throughout the day.

Surfaces made of triangular timber bead detail with the opposite sides in different finishes, subtly animates as one walks past the intentionally long TV console and the dining ledge on the opposite side. Vertical blinds, albeit unusual for residential units, go especially well with the overall design intention. Even the ceiling lights are custom made linear brass lights with special detail to go with the linear line concept of the apartment.

December 2016
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