The apartment is on the third floor of the SIT flats in Tiong Bahru: one of the first residential typologies of the former statutory board of HDB; a conserved building in Singapore. A curved external wall sits at the hinge of the L-shape floor plan because it is a corner unit.

Despite the small and awkward space of the 85 square metres area, the design approach was highly architectural, or more appropriately archaeological: every design strategy is to have a physical dialogue with the existing elements of the apartment: exposing the concrete substrate of the prominent beams across the spaces; exposing the brick wall substrate of the only curve wall; new shelves using the exact same proportions of the conserved façade windows.

The owner, a French art curator, wanted the apartment to double up as an ad-hoc gallery space. New storage spaces are carefully design with neutral materials to mimic the white washed gallery walls, also as a deliberate contrast to the design elements of the space. The curated artwork with their rich stories are now layered with the nostalgic story of the apartment unit, blurring the boundary between the displayed artwork and the canvas of the artwork. It makes one wonder, if the exposed brick of the old brand “Tung San”, is part of the art exhibition.

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