The client wanted the existing semi-detached house to be remodelled for a 3-generation family totalling 8 persons. The design approach is to view programmatic density in a manner of light and air porosity.

Taking inspiration from “Noah’s Ark”, the setback boundaries of a house is fully maximised along the perimeter on the second storey. Like a floating ship, the volume houses all the bedrooms with an outward view for light and ventilation. The first and third storey of the house are intentionally designed to be as porous as possible to its surroundings, allowing maximum daylight and visual connections. This spatial contrast between the different levels is deliberate to heighten the different “open and close” spatial experience as one travels up the levels.

The façade fenestration and finish of the second storey is deliberately designed in a contrasting manner to express architecturally the floating volume of the more private spaces of the bedrooms behind. A triple volume light and air well connects the 3 storeys physically via an open staircase design, which also acts as an air stack to induce airflow into the 3 storey house.

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