The existing flat was oddly shaped, with a 45-degree frontage. One of the bedroom along the common corridor exists in an awkward 5-sided shape posing great difficulty in placement of bedroom furniture. Despite the restrictive physical space, the client wanted a large space, enough for a 20-pax party in fact.

The physical restriction became our key design driver. We took the opportunity of the 45-degree wall and convert it into the key space of activities, by building another diagonal wall and a full mirror wall, to create a triangle that becomes a full square when reflected. The mirror wall conceals storage, TV and the kitchen. In order to achieve the square space visually, horizontal oak timber strips detail is strategically used to visually continue into the reflected space of the mirror to enlarge the small physical spaces.

Due to the 45-degrees, a custom-made sofa is designed as a module to allow different configurations to fit different corners of the space: sometimes a queen size bed, sometimes a daybed by the custom-made sash windows, sometimes a bench seat for the custom-made cantilevered dining table.

This project was part of a Mediacorp reality TV series “Designer in the House”.

December 2016
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