In this walk-up apartment, four demarcated the centre of the unit. We inserted a main social space within these four columns, and articulated the rest of the home around it. The corners of the social space are rounded to embrace the space.

A young couple approached us to design a unique 60 year old private walkup apartment along Moulmein Road. This unique development only consists of 16 units in total spread through 4 storeys. The clients come from a very close knitted big family. Hence, big family gatherings in homes is a regular affair.

After removing all the non-structural walls, we were greeted with 4 free standing columns right in the centre of the house. These 4 columns demarcate a space right in the heart of the home where we think that a social space will fit naturally in. By inserting the social space right in the centre of the home also allows activities to spill into the 2 other spaces flanking the social space, namely the dry kitchen, and the entertainment living space(with a balcony) right in the front of the unit. The more private spaces are neatly tucked away into the corners, away from the main gathering space.

Taking cues from the mid century modern design that was popular in the 60s, we wanted to explore how this design trend can still be applied to today’s requirements. We soften the very strong boxy shape of the apartment by curving out the corners of the social space. This allows occupants in the social space to feel “embraced” by the surrounding rattan walls. We refrain from using modern processed materials like laminates in the entire house just like what would have been done in the 60s. This allows us to explore other materials like rattan, paint finish, textured paints, natural timber, natural stone, etc.

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