In this light-washed wall-less apartment, we used contours in a terraneous landscape to sculpt and define spaces – a raised lounge, a sunken bedroom, an elevated study - making movement free-flowing, fun, and feline-friendly.

A young couple approached us with a very open brief. They were to have their very first apartment and planned to move in with their pets. They wanted to achieve very big spaces with lots of daylight coming into their apartment. A big space where they and their pets are free to roam about.

The brief of spacious and bright spaces gave us the idea of creating a singular space that allows maximum freedom in circulation and daylight. We wanted to create a wall-less space for the very open-minded client.

We essentially divided the whole apartment into 2 spaces using storage platforms. The idea is to create that indoor terrain as activities space separator, rather than using walls. All the walls are knocked down to combine all the rooms into one single space; seamless with the living and dining areas. This allowed daylight to be filtered into the whole apartment without the restrictions of any walls except the structural columns.

The key element of the design is a continuous platform that creates multiple activities and programmatic nooks: TV console, study table, bedhead, reading corner, bench seating, wardrobe, dresser, etc. All combined into one sculptural piece built into one big space. The platforms brings one closer to the half-height windows, enjoying the morning sun or the view beyond while sitting on the raised platforms. Multiple stairs allow casual seating when friends visit and play with their pets.

Being an apartment without walls, there’s absolute freedom of movement for both the owners and their pets. One can choose their favourite corners depending on their mood or the time of the day. The wall-less apartment also allowed an unusually large bedroom space that is unique for modern day apartments. Space is a luxury in today’s context.

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