The unique quality of the existing condominium is the unusually large living room, which is very rare in today’s context. However, before one can appreciate the space, a long and dark corridor precedes the space due to the existing enclosed kitchen.

The client wanted a large kitchen with an island counter so that the wife can rekindled her passion for baking. However, due to their usual Chinese food preparation, an open kitchen is not desired.

“How do we create a large kitchen without compromising the functionality of a Chinese cooking kitchen?” was the start of our design process.
The design approach was to appropriate the dark and useless corridor space as part of the kitchen to allow space for an island counter, this counter also doubles up as the shoe cabinet since it is the nearest to the entrance. By combining the spaces, the large living room is exposed once you enter the apartment allowing maximum daylight to enter the kitchen area.

To resolve the enclosure of the kitchen during heavy cooking, 2 large feature doors are designed to become the “movable walls” for the kitchen. Integrating both aesthetic and functionality with one design gesture.

December 2014
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