Unlike nearby open spaces beside the Marina Bay, this relatively more inland site has an intimidating high-rise environment. The unique view of the site is to look upwards, admiring the different coloured glass buildings.

Rather than forcing a view towards the world-famous Marina Bay, it makes more sense to capitalise on the intimate site conditions instead.Our concept is to invert the spatial relationship of a conventional pavilion: from an iconic, all sides open, standalone pavilion; we decided to fill up the whole lawn with a readily available, familiar tent structure, to create an inverted enveloped environment.
3 independent systems are created to form permutations of spatial relationship with the site, the program, and the architecture: Canopy, Envelope and Program.

The Canopy provides shelter for both programmatic and non-programmatic spaces, public and private spaces.
The Envelope covers the whole lawn, providing for required areas and for future expansions.
The Program fulfils the brief and organised with courtyards spaces, multiple entry points and future connecting spaces.
It is as if public spaces are carved into the pavilion solid, allowing interweaved spatial relationship rather than the conventional perimeter interaction of a pavilion.

As the scheme adopts a modular bay design, the proposed pavilion can adapt to any future site shape, and thus accentuating the physical quality of any site given. The tent structure is not much different from the usual ones we would see for events, the possibility of partial rental allows financial flexibility; allowing the pavilion to be bigger or smaller in footprint as per budget.

By pushing out the envelope to the whole site, the roofscape of the pavilion becomes an important elevation. Especially impressionable and indelible when the F1 helicopter camera pans over the city during the F1 season. Be it day or night, the view of the pavilion from the top looks like a mosaic art village. The envelope structure allows weekend ad-hoc art stalls, perhaps local artists allowed to design their own canvas roof coverage for interest and publicity, easy contraction and expansions of the more permanent programs.

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