Our client came to us with a simple brief, “We don’t want another hipster cafe.”

We decided to explore using a monochromatic, white-washed plywood, to create a cafe space that is totally enclosed by a neutral Cartesian Grid. The grid forms the basic infrastructure for the flexibility of the café to be converted into a retail shop or maintain as a café according to the market forces. This idea of flexibility is further translated into adjustable shelves, tables turning into display shelves, display shelves turning into bench seats for the café.

We redefined the conventional shop front with 2 large pivot doors that can be converted to shelves or seats depending on different needs. The different permutations allow an interactive shopfront space reacting to different events. Even the tables are custom designed to be able to dismantle and store easily in the scenario of the café turning into a large event space. We were involved right from the start of logo design, packaging design, interior design and even the tables of the whole cafe!

December 2014
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