Benny, our regular photographer, wanted to do a photography exhibition addressing the “Garden in a City” / “City in a Garden” theme.

From that idea as a starting point, we wanted to experiment and to emphasize different perspectives of viewing a photograph, rather than the usual salon style of exhibiting the printed photographs.

The design approach is to let the content of the photographs have a reciprocal response to its display surroundings: we responded to the architectural elements of the gallery, presenting photographs in concrete pots and miniature figurines, under the existing arched window frames. A part of the exhibition presents the contents: Heritage Trees, as if they are the scale of a real Bonsai in a concrete pot to mimic the roadside kerb materials.

The other part of the exhibition is to respond to the full height walls of the gallery with long vertical format of photographs that is composed by 3 individual photographs of the same street view. This is a response to the Google Street View widely used by internet users. A multiple layers of meaning behind the set of photographs with the “Garden in a City” / “City in a Garden” as the key content.

In collaboration with Food and Shelter Company.

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